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Leapfrog Fiction Contest’s Description of “Woman at the Window”

Woman at the Window: a novel by Mary Anderson Parks

Woman at the Window is the deeply personal story of a woman whose life falls outside “normalcy,” who challenges convention. It is a compelling, authentic representation of the interior voice of every woman. The heroine exists outside the mores of society in a truthful, sometimes wildly funny, sometimes poignant way. The reader comes to share a very layered intimacy with her as secrets surface and she questions her reality, her guilt, her relationships with husband, housekeeper, gardener, deceased daughter, as she yearns to find a way to connect to the world.

Mary Anderson Parks has published two novels, The Circle Leads Home (University Press of Colorado 1998) and They Called Me Bunny (Livingston Press 2006). Both grew out of her work in Indian child welfare.


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My next book

My next novel will be about a slave and his mother escaping from a Virginia tobacco plantation in 1836 discovering that when they they are not together he passes as white. The working title is “Flight to Ohio.” I wanted to call it “Flight” but found out Sherman Alexie already took that title. Like my other three novels the theme is identity.

It is almost finished.

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