About Me

     I have been called a luddite with good reason. I communicate with people by telephone, letters and spending time with them. I keep my email address a secret. So why am I now starting a website? Well … I saw the movie “Chef” and a new door opened in my mind. At the same time my unpublished novel “Woman at the Window” won an honorable mention in the Leapfrog Press 2014 Fiction Contest. Wonderful, I thought, but how will anyone find it or me? Maybe I could create a website and print a few chapters there. . .?
     I have wanted to be a writer since I was 7, but took a long break to get married at 19, have two daughters, go to law school part-time when they were 9 and 13 and work as an attorney for the Puyallup Indian Nation, the Seattle Indian Center and United Indians of All Tribes Foundation. My husband (same one!) and I have three interesting and wonderful grandchildren. I have two published novels, The Circle Leads Home, University Press of Colorado (1998), and They Called Me Bunny , Livingston Press at University of West Alabama (2006), also several articles and short stories.

8 responses to “About Me

  1. Agnes

    Congratulations, Mary. I’m eager to read your new novel; wondering whether it draws on your experience with All Tribes. I’ll see Chef this week — who knows where that leads?

    • Hi Agnes! A new and different way for us to communicate! It actually is fun, as I have sometimes heard people say. . . maybe even you?. Thanks much for commenting. The only way to read “Woman at the Window” right now is if I keep putting chapters on this website. Leapfrog Fiction Contest’s “Honorable Mention” does not include publication! Are you writing lately?

  2. My Dear Luddite,
    How could you mention the movie Chef, and not give us a hint as to what inspired your conversion?
    I await a hint, and in the meantime, I shall see the movie hoping to find the answer for myself.
    And congratulations on your Leapfrog award! Fantastic!

    • Dear Sue,
      You already found the answer! I didn’t give a hint as to why or how “Chef” affected my thinking about the internet because I hoped people would go see the movie. Thanks for being glad for me about the Leapfrog award. You and the other novel writing group members have been wonderfully supportive and I appreciate every moment of your input.

  3. Tiina

    Dear Mary!
    I am both stunned and delighted to discover your website!!! It’s wonderful! You have inspired me to get busy and (at long last) create my own website. And I love what you wrote about meditation. I can’t wait to read the chapters from your new novel. Congratulations on the Honorable Mention!

  4. Margaret

    Mary –
    This techno idiot is attempting to discover cyber functioning. Look, I found you, still figuring out how to navigate. I have a few more books to read and a movie to see, and of course much writing to do. You are an awesome inspiration!

    • Margaret, I’m thrilled that you found me. You’ve done me a great service. Your have inspired me to speak up again. I don’t need to have anything profound to say. But I don’t need to let that bumbling trumpeting elephant silence me either. And I shouldn’t malign elephants, who know the value of sticking together, who help the one who falters stand up again. We can learn so much from them.

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