Animals and Poetry

Other animals are interesting, more so to me lately than humans. I liked the movie “Paterson.” You may not. It is slow. The dog was quite present in the movie, even central. An English bull terrier named Marvin. A memorable character. I could see “Paterson” becoming a cult movie. In another time perhaps. It is about poetry. “And much more,” as the newscasters say.

I am reminded of a book I read with my Seattle book club about the Civil War written from the point of view of General Lee’s horse. Fascinating and heart-breaking. Can’t think of the name! Did it have the word Thunder in it? I’ll try to check on it and let you know. The book club, founded in 1979, is still going on, with most of the original members. Including me, though I moved to Berkeley in 2000.

Just last week I learned Virginia Woolf wrote a book called “Flush” from a dog’s point o view.


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