Do You Know About Marcus Books?

Do you already know about this unique bookstore? Marcus Books is the oldest African American bookstore in the USA, and it happens to be right here in Oakland, at 3900 Martin Luther King Jr. West, on a corner on the east side of the street, just before MacArthur Blvd. I believe they opened around 1960. They also have a store in San Francisco on Fillmore that I heard is reopening soon. They have an amazing collection of books by and about African Americans, maybe exclusively, including a good selection of children’s books. Also black greeting cards.

I was very excited to “discover” them and left a copy of my novel “Flight to Ohio, from Slavery to Passing to Freedom,” with Blanche Richardson, one of the owners, in the hope they will carry it. I heard about Marcus Books from a friend who, when I told him about my novel, said he couldn’t believe I had never heard about it or been there!



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2 responses to “Do You Know About Marcus Books?

  1. Dorothy Klein

    Thanks, Mary. I think I remember this place from long, long ago, but needed this reminder. Today I went on foot to Handy Electronics with a faulty boombox and very much enjoyed stopping at all the small storefronts en route. There is so much to discover.

    • Yes, Dorothy, I couldn’t agree more about the joys of going somewhere on foot and making discoveries along the way, without messing up the environment with another car on the road. The opposite of stressful. Pure fun.

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