My copies arrived at our door, brought there by the UPS man. I’ve held it in my hands! It is an actual book. I don’t know why I find that so hard to believe.

it’s very moving seeing my mother’s face on a book I’ve written, a book that reveals family secrets. I hope she would understand. My wonderful cousin Bipp in Florida, when I told him of my worry, said, “Mary Carol, Aunt Maude would be proud of anything you did.” That surprised me and made me happy. I hope it’s true.



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3 responses to ““FLIGHT TO OHIO” EXISTS!

  1. Congratulations! There is nothing like the real object, so far, that is.
    How to buy?

    • Dear sisters Dorothy and artmatters, thank you very much for your support, which I feel strongly and with deep joy, especially since it comes from two of the most remarkable artists (and human beings) I know. “Flight to Ohio” is available (and thanks for asking!) by going to a local bookstore and requesting they order it for you. That would be my preference. Other choices are to order from Tayen Lane Publishing’s bookstore online or Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

  2. Dorothy Klein

    Dear Mary,
    How thrilling and how moving it is to see your thoughts and work in an object. Congratulations!

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