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The Editing Process

For a good part of June, I was immersed in editing “Flight to Ohio: from Slavery to Passing to Freedom,” my novel for which Tayea Lane Publishing has now set a publication date of July 1, 2016, though some sources say July 15, 2016, notably They allow one to pre-order, as does Barnes & Noble. But what I really hope is that you will go to your favorite independent bookstore and ask them to order a copy for you. Or any old bookstore!

Editing was a process during which I had frequent email communication and a couple of phone calls with Kermit Heartsong, the head of the publishing company. Tayen Lane is a small, local company. Kermit is a fascinating person, one gets to know more about how somebody thinks when you work together, and I found him wonderfully supportive and respectful of me as the author, insightful and helpful in his suggestions. These were the final edits, we had already been through first edits earlier. having signed a contract in October.

The book won’t seem real to me until I hold it in my hands. I will know then that it exists! I am getting more anxious by the day, by the hour, to see the UPS truck drive up in front of our house. Maybe there will be fireworks!

Will let you know when it exists.

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