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Preparing Video

Have been very occupied preparing a short video for my publisher, Tayen Lane Publishing, about my motivation for writing “Flight to Ohio.” I hope the video will be up on the website they are creating for my book by the end of October or shortly thereafter. And I hope any interested readers will be able to find and view it. Go to their website and try! But not quite yet. Here is the link.Try it and see if it works.

Happy Halloween!



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Publication of Flight to Ohio

YES YES YES!    Two days ago I signed a contract for publication of my cherished novel, “Flight to Ohio.”   I have so yearned to write those words to you. More details will come later.



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Hello Again!

I am back from Italy alive, relatively unscathed other than by the barbarity of air travel. You could say I am hiding out, to recover. It’s good to be back. All in all it was a wonderful trip.

Am heading out soon for weekly Italian class, followed by monthly writing workshop.

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