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I Will Miss All of You

Yes, I will. You are all very dear to me, each one of you, even though I don’t exactly know you. But it means the world to me that you read the words I’ve written, sweated out really. Or maybe that’s just the weather talking. We’ve been in a heat wave here in Berkeley and it frightens me. I think always of global warming. Because it IS happening, no matter what Kentucky clerks may think, just as same sex marriage is, God bless it. See the movie “Grandma” if you get half a chance. Everybody in it is terrific. And stay to the end.

The reason I write as if I’m departing this earth is I’m going on a trip. To Italy. For two weeks. And who knows if I’ll make it through and back. I feel that way about most every trip I take. And am so grateful when the plane lets down its little feet back on the ground in San Francisco. This trip feels particularly ill-fated, with thousands of desperate human beings making their way toward Italy’s and Greece’s shores. And I travel there for pleasant reasons?? Am I in some strange reality of my own? Should I be shot?

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