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Jon Carroll Writes From His Gut

December 12, 2014

Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle writes from his gut this morning. Don’t miss it.

Datebook, Section E, Page E10

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Protests: Missing Element

In the sixties we were inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr., Joan Baez and other committed pacifists. We were trained in non-violent passive resistance by our leaders. When the scene turned ugly it was not we the protesters acting ugly. It was the police. I do not remember looting.

We were focused on our goals. First came the Free Speech Movement, then Fair Housing, the fight against racial discrimination, then the many years of protests against the war in Vietnam. For the most part, those goals were eventually achieved.

Let’s do it again.

Let’s not be part of the brutality we are protesting.

Peaceful protest will gain us allies. We need them. Does anyone disagree?



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Chapter 4 of “The Circle Leads Home”

Chapter 4 is going up just before midnight on December 2nd as an addition. To view it, just highlight “The Circle Leads Home,” on “Home” page, move cursor to the right of the screen and scroll down. It should be there, following Chapters 1, 2 and 3.

artmatters commented after reading the first three chapters, “Interesting, sad. . . . .I wanted to tell her not to let Red come on this particular night.” I replied belatedly, after thinking a long time about that comment, that it gets worse but Katherine shows grit.

Please do remember “The Circle Leads Home” is available at the Berkeley Public Library and on! It is hard work to put up chapters of it here because I deleted my computer files on it and now have to copy it word by word from  the book.

Never knowing I would someday create a website and wish I had those deleted files!

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