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Here’s a recommendation of a book I have not read yet. After reading a review of it in the Sunday, September 21, 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Books section, I think there’s no time to waste and yet, involved in my petty concerns I have already wasted over two weeks before sending out this word. Sorry.

Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything,” subtitled “Capitalism vs. the Climate,” was published by Simon & Schuster last month. She is the author of two best-selling books, “No Logo” and “The Shock Doctrine.”

She argues that major environmental groups as well as politicians have taken the side of corporations and writes “that if change is to take place it will only be because leadership bubbled up from below,” that the world has delayed taking action and now we must cut emissions far more sharply if we are to avoid dangerous levels of warming. Climate change “could become a galvanizing force for humanity, the best argument progressives have ever had” in their long-running fights for justice and equality.

The book covers local victories over extraction of fossil fuels, also the divestment movement that started on U.S. college campuses calling for university endowments to give up their investments in fossil fuel corporations. The hope is the book could help catalyze the kind of mass movement she argues the world needs, saying the only transformation of comparable scope was the abolition of slavery.


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Chapter 3 Has Been Inserted onto “The Circle Leads Home” Site

This morning I added Chapter 3 and that will probably be all.  I keep remembering the woman who brought her maybe eight-year-old son to my book reading at Third Place Books in Seattle who hustled him out hastily as  I read from Chapter 2 Katherine’s reaction  when Tony tells her what his teacher said that day in school.

Chapter 4 is heavier. This book is available to those interested in libraries and you-know-where.

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