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Coming Soon: First Few Chapters of “The Circle Leads Home”

Now that all fifty chapters of Woman at the Window are printed on this website, I plan to put up very soon the opening few chapters of my first novel, The Circle Leads Home. It was published by University Press of Colorado in 1998 and is available through -books, possibly as a used book in some bookstores, and possibly in your local library. It is in the downtown Berkeley Public Library, I know for sure. In the fiction section!


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Marie in her Bubble Bath

I am trying to get her picture to appear here! It is my granddaughter’s 8-year-old idea of the woman at the window in her bubble bath. I am wondering, artmatters, if you found Blanche and Marie in the library. I have a copy and could lend it to you. It is by Per Olov Enquist and was translated from the Swedish in 2006 by my friend Tiina Nunnally, a marvelous translator.

marie 2

Here is part of the picture — I will keep trying.

I’m better off sticking with words. Maybe this is how it’s meant to be.

Will print the final chapter now.


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Only Seven Chapters to Go

I am really going to want some response as we approach the final chapter of Woman at the Window. I know a few of you are still with me and there may be others. Any way you can reach me, I would like to hear from you. Questions, comments, complaints, all are welcome.

Writers get lonely.


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Thanks to artmatters for Recommendations

Thank you, artmatters, for recommending John Sayles’ 1996 movie “Lone Star.” I loved it. It would be sad to miss out on any of your suggestions!

See comment by artmatters on August 8, 2014 in response to post: To Those Who Are Reading “Woman at the Window.”

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